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High-rise office mark
Perennial high vacancy of the Shanghai World Financial Center, the tallest building was finally let out half. January 17, "International Finance News" reporter

Phoenix and Xi will be
Phoenix and Xi will be this Saturday (December 11) launched the office portion of Building 16, there are 92,105,113,117,125 square meters of 5 units, the specif

Office building " full c
Property " full carry out " the like a rising wind and scudding clouds of the market already was in it seems that casual form, and its emerge those who go out i

8 million sacrifice purs
According to report of Chinese economy times, company of foreign trade of city of cropland of Fujian Province Pu (state-owned company) value 50 million yuan off

Business of group of tra
Door business encircles the country with swift and violent in last few years development, in boom of high-grade office building, business while, its are high-gr

Financial market first e
On September 12, come from on the west the message of government of the city zone, block of financial market function will undertake first enlarge look, gross a

Brand property is in mar
The property government of our country already went the course that passed more than 10 years up to now from development. As a kind of new-style service industr

Subterranean garage late
I also dare not walk along nocturnal road alone again, dare not go to that ground issueing a garage more! " be robbed by two new men two years ago person disast

The usage of office entr
Hope hasten auspicious avoids fierce, urge a flourishing money, criterion the position of company gate passageway, must what layout is giving birth to flourishi

Hallway is the 2nd appea
The design entering the door of the office, can affect the pattern of whole office, because this must try,fine meaning thinks. Office doorway ans outpost of the

Shanghai is not resident
Add office building of 800 thousand square metre newly to demand exceeds supply no longer2008, market of Shanghai office building will add supply newly 845 thou

New dish of tendency ful
According to walking on the spot dish learn, the office building that at present Shenzhen basically is making work is only city of golden movement century, coas

Ren Yuling: Stablize a r
Distinguished economist holds the post of Yu Ling to express when accepting our newspaper to interview, should not be not only at present save city, stablize th

Niu Dao: The possibility
International heats up Qian Liu to enter China, have 3 apparent features: Short-term sex, speculation and sex of sudden huge profits. Hot without brushstroke mo