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Beijing is the most expensive Lou Panjun price breaks through 50 thousand yuan f
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Beijing's most expensive building dish the residence all valence broke through 50 thousand yuan first / smooth rice. Net of Beijing estate buying operation released house of commodity of the 3rd quarter to clinch a deal yesterday all valence pop chart, be located in north the 7 stars of 4 annulus Morgan square (incognito already for Pan Gu grand sight) replace Yintai center, become open to booking a project all the building with the most expensive price dish, achieve 53064 yuan / smooth rice.

The rank that announces according to net of Beijing estate buying operation shows, before 3 quarters open to booking a project 30 all valence exceeded 20 thousand yuan / smooth rice, among them, mix first quarter 2 quarters all the Yintai center with top price, in 3 quarters by 7 stars square place replaces Morgan. As we have learned, morgan faces 7 stars south square north the road in 4 annulus, north comes government office road, boreal celestial bodies leans on the west on the west all the way, look down at water is cubic, with bird's nest the distance is controlled 500 meters nevertheless, outstanding situation lets his ascend God price floor dish price first place, its 53064 yuan / of square metre all valence became the building with 3 quarters the most precious capital dish.

According to statistic, show a room to clinch a deal all before valence 30 project exceeded 18 thousand yuan / smooth rice. Apartment of new city international go up first a list of names posted up takes buy of next first place of a list of names posted up, the 3rd quarter its clinch a deal all valence achieved 36862 yuan / smooth rice. "Garden of 10 thousand dragon of Liu Hua government office " also rise from the 3rd of 2 quarters reach the 2nd, 35844 yuan / of smooth rice clinch a deal the price rose than 2 quarters 8000 multivariate at tertiary be " bright and beautiful official encloseds ground for growing trees " , it still ranks the 12nd in 2 quarters, its price is in a few short inside the month mad went up 15 thousand yuan of above, achieve 35696 yuan / square metre.

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