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Fang Xing real estate buys center of trade of triumphant morning world to appear
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Will enrich through buying asset often advocate business Wu, it is numerous appear on the market the company's idiomatic gimmick. Fang Xing is landed (China) limited company (abbreviation " Fang Xing is landed " ) -- this stock code and appear on the market the landed company with same date is not exceptional also.

According to the acceptance of manual of raise capital by floating shares, fang Xing real estate will finish the odd and total equity that center of trade of world of triumphant morning of old hotel of well of government office of edifice, king, Beijing changes in be opposite before December 31, 2007 buy. Current, fang Xing real estate parts hold its 25% , 25% with 50% equity.

After finishing these 3 equity to buy, the basis is worth computation up to the assessment May 31, 2007, the scale that just promotes real estate to invest property value to occupy all property will from before buying, make an appointment with 39% rise to about 54% , implementation development property and the balance that invest property develop.

Just promote landed chairman Pan Zhengyi to express, "Fang Xing was not long triangle mainly, bead the city of a gleam of of area of Bohai Sea of trigonometry, annulus, give priority to in order to develop business of gold a sector of an area with property, but do not eliminate to be able to participate in the residential project that has tall redound, the company will increase investment property scale, can sell partial property flow in order to increase cash at the same time. Can sell partial property flow in order to increase cash at the same time..

"Landed empire " show one's true figures

On August 28, just promote real estate to land Hong Kong capital the 11st day of the market namely. Just promote real estate to release announcement to say, the company buys the 60% rights and interests that triumphant morning property manages from inside hand of ocean real estate with 3.2 million yuan of RMBs. This is to just promote the brushstroke after real estate appears on the market to buy a movement.

This trade after finishing, fang Xing real estate will be direct with indirect hold the equity of company of management of triumphant morning property is amounted to 92.5% . Course of study of triumphant morning buy (Fang Xing is landed Hong Kong is changed to occupy 50% equity each in mixing) not only center of trade of world of hold Beijing triumphant morning 100% equity, still occupy its property to manage Fang Kaichen property to manage 15% equity.

The strategy that just promotes real estate to buy center of trade of world of Beijing triumphant morning is: Add first hold property management company, pursue again the others equity that buys project property.

The technique that old hotel of well of government office of edifice, king changes in buying is very similar, property management and restaurant of well of king government office just are changed to manage equity of property of direct hold project in their property management company. At present each hold manages Fang Xing real estate twice this 25% equity of company.
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