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Real progress dissatisfaction does development business to accuse a far east bri
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The day announced real progress yesterday on a series of adding endowment and sell asset plans, among them more conspicuous is a company will build limited company to add to bridge of international of Shanghai far east with own reserves endowment 230 million yuan, those who become this company accuse a partner. From this, real progress will pass the effective union of estate development and construction on, catenary of progressively and outspread industry. The market analyses a personage to point out, this action conduces to not only on ability of gain of real progress promotion and market competition ability, and the rich experience of bridge of far east of have the aid of, to the project of company project quality will offer strong safeguard.

Predecessor of limited company of construction of bridge of international of Shanghai far east is Shanghai yellow riverside headquarters of Jiang Daqiao project, held water on April 20, 1993, management time comes from April 20, 1993 on April 19, 2063. The company registers capital so 70 million yuan, what scope of operations includes project of bridge, municipal, highway, building, adornment is total contract business, project technology major seeks advice, the sale of construction machinery and equipment, housing materials. Changed 1997 after making, more the name is " bridge of international of Shanghai far east builds limited company " . Former be subordinate to of company of far east bridge belongs to Shanghai to build committee, change through all previous make, add endowment reach equity to make over, show be subordinate to to belong to designing institute of Shanghai municipal project. Classics audit, up to on June 30, 2007, RMB of total assets of company of far east bridge three hundred and thirty million six hundred and sixty-two thousand two hundred yuan, net assets RMB sixty-two million one hundred and ninety-two thousand three hundred yuan.

Announcement shows, this far east bridge is added endowment hind register capital to achieve 300 million yuan, real progress is passed on add endowment hold 76.67% equity of this company, become this company to accuse a partner. Odd share belongs to design of Shanghai municipal engineering to study Inc. of Pu Jiang cable of total courtyard, Shanghai, Shanghai builds 8 enterprises such as 4 industrial limited company respectively.

Real progress regards a national estate as the company on, basically be engaged in the development of real-estate project formerly, and the construction construction of the project basically passes the bag outside invite public bidding to finish. This the company shows in announcement, after accusing a far east bridge, a large number of company estate develop a project to will be built by construction of company of far east bridge, hair of get out of the way and construction are united in wedlock effectively, this will be in comparative to be used what capital coordinates on degree evenly, the whole that benefit sheds at company cash is arranged, raise capital to use efficiency, managing capital cost.
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