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Try to be the first of abstruse garden of ocean SOHO China appears on the market
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On September 28, ocean real estate hands in place in Hong Kong couplet advocate board appear on the market successfully, the newspaper received 11.1 HK dollar that day, than before the price of raise capital by floating shares of the 7.7 HK dollar that announce rises 42.8% .

On October 8, the pace that SOHO China chases after ocean real estate closely is high-key place is handed in to hang out one's shingle in harbor, that day with closing quotation of 9.55 HK dollar, relatively the emission of 8.3 HK dollar price rises 15.06% .

On October 9, the outback estate that the 3rd becomes to hand in place to appear on the market in harbor after Chinese abstruse garden produces China of afterwards ocean real estate, SOHO, appear on the market first days to receive city to sign up for 6.8 HK dollar, relatively price of upper limit raise capital by floating shares tower above of 5.2 HK dollar 30.8% .

If of eliminate inland " 11 " 7 days of long holidays, it is short only nevertheless the 5 time of the day, company of estate of 3 inland brand lands harbor to hand in place early or late, and with going up strong those who become Hong Kong to invest orgnaization and Hong Kong media greatly each " bestow favor on newly " .

Ocean, SOHO grabs abstruse garden limelight

"Red prepare the first " the advantage is distinct

Abstruse garden of SOHO China, China is ocean real estate, landed, 3 inland estate lands harbor to hand in place to be just as a typhoon to had been blown like business go to market, before giving this, behave for a time low confused Hong Kong is landed took powerful ascendant motive force. Especially ocean real estate is in appear on the market first days with of 40% go up achieved Hong Kong to appear on the market landed go up a new record; And first days of share price of SOHO China goes up before although was not amounted to,coming here " dark dish of price " 26% what anticipate, but successful also above goes up the expressional closing quotation of 15% . Chinese abstruse garden came true of 30.8% rise, than appearing on the market before " dark dish of price " grew 10 percent.

Regard inland as company of well-known trademark estate, ground of foot of from beginning to end of company of estate of these 3 inland hands in place to appear on the market in harbor, aeriform the atmosphere that calls interest secretly was built in Hong Kong stock market. And no matter be,forecast from early days orgnaization, still appear on the market to was behaved that day, in light of coverage of down to media, abstruse garden produced the China that comes from Guangdong to be grabbed by ocean real estate and SOHO China it seems that limelight, have greatly " competitor, come into unavoidable confrontation " flavour. Low-key raise capital by floating shares, low-key appear on the market, the goes to harbor this to appear on the market travel of real estate of your China abstruse garden became little trifling " starlight " , fortunately these did not affect its to be in the subscribe of raise capital by floating shares, expression that appears on the market first days, hong Kong whole world makes public put on sale about 203 times above quota subscribe also does not have disappoint of the industry before this forecast.
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