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Group of new trade of extension of CBD of tradition of tall look forward to of o
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As the ceaseless promotion of Shanghai international position, large quantities of foreign capital enterprises are entered eagerly halt. In the meantime, as the ceaseless development of WTO agreement, foreign capital company enters Chinese limitation to relax ceaselessly, what finance of the end of the year served course of study last year is wide-open, more the powerful motive force that becomes market of Shanghai office building to develop flourishingly. And domestic client demand also is allowed in enlarge, the year after year of amount of company of contemporary service estate with higher demands of pair of office building character such as office of place of content shedding industry, law, accountant rises.

Hire of first class office building is climbed litre

Because demand increases ceaselessly and of first class office building add newly supply lack, distributinging area of CBD of tradition of office building of Shanghai first class: People square, Nanjing on the west developing zone of bridge of along the line of road along the line, sea route of the Huaihe River, Xu Jiahui, rainbow and mouth of Pudong land home 6 big board piece hire quote lasts present the trend that rise. According to Dai Deliang travel data shows, 2007 the hire of first class office building first quarter relatively went up compared to the same period last year achieved 9%(to be calculated with the RMB) , amount to 7.89 yuan / square metre / day.

A few companies stand hard the hire that core area rises at full speed, begin to have the target the area lock that develops foreground to decide to traditional CBD periphery. Shanghai north coulds there be greatly board piece fall in such period setting just about, show itself quickly, become numerous enterprise and the heat area that invest dealer attention.

Group of big peaceful trade rises abruptly

Value big peace just about board piece prospective development latent capacity and board piece circumjacent property place brings appreciate reach drive effect, the estate below division of group of beautiful 2006 flag invests a branch, be over with great quantity square of commerce of didymous big peaceful international is all of 4 office building buy, gross area amounts to 38 thousand square metre, trade amount adds up to 520 million yuan of RMBs about.

Big peace board piece area the condition is advantageous. The subway outspread Duan Zong wears a line whole area, in new way of link line, republican crisscross of freely of aorta of 2 old liaison man, understand urban district anyplace, traffic advantage is advantaged. Big peace board piece functional program also is being perfected with each passing day.

Atmosphere of business affairs of group of big peaceful trade matures gradually, drive quality of whole of large peaceful area to promote not only, return radiation to include 5 horn field, true north, true be like, the boreal Shanghai area such as Peng Pu, attract numerous international transnational corporation and strength business garrison and develop.
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