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Group of new trade of extension of CBD of tradition of tall look forward to of o
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Make area of garden of zoology of international business affairs

Current, big peace board piece inside be about to in the business affairs project of face city, most suffer attention should belong to alloy plant project.

Alloy plant (THE FACTORY) , area of Shanghai's rare garden of zoology of business affairs of international first class, the nuclear a person's mind that is located in the group of big peaceful trade that develops flourishingly is taken, border of perforative north and south in axes- - republican new way, be apart from the subway city of circus of a line stands 250 meters. Alloy plant is surrounded by 3 groups of buildings close and become, 2 1 date, buildings are the fashionable business affairs that old factory building rebuilds and part of form a complete set, 3 buildings are buildings of 21 research and development that make with first class standard, the area of garden of zoology of business affairs of international first class that forms boreal Shanghai rarely to have.

In the driving development that relies on group of big peaceful trade latent capacity setting falls, alloy plant with brand-new attitude, make the international standard of area of garden of business affairs of great peaceful first class, the market inside fill area is blank.

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