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The real estate that enrol business and governmental autograph march formally ab
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The real estate that enrol business is announced now, the company laid in government of people of division of Cheng Hua of center, the Chengdu City to sign tripartite with land of the Chengdu City on September 30 " agreement of strategic collaboration framework " , become lake of China area north with respect to the Chengdu City piece the land of the area is arranged, infrastructure form a complete set, piece the relevant matters concerned such as construction of area travel establishment, reached preliminary cooperation agreement.

Tripartite agreement, cooperative area is lake of China area north piece construction of city of area new program makes an appointment with 3000 mus with the ground, government of the class that belong to city lays in land, and lake of north of Cheng Hua area piece park of area north lake and circumjacent land make an appointment with 2000 mus, belong to China area " 198 " limits.

The real estate that enrol business expresses, before formal agreement is signed, the company needs investment of go ahead of the rest to arrange the capital that start 100 million yuan. Its think, this consultative subscription is the company marchs a of Chengdu estate market significant move.

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