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Business of group of trade of door of country of rapid development Beijing stays
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Door business encircles the country with swift and violent in last few years development, in boom of high-grade office building, business while, its are high-grade development capacity of the residence is shown all the time however drop posture, its business lives scale is maladjusted clue already was shown first.

Business of door of country of geographical advantage achievement is encircled

Think commonly, the country is exhibited, 3 yuan of bridges, Yan Sha these 3 areas that along northeast one word arranges 3 annulus, door business encircles the country that formed real significance to go up. Encircle photograph comparing with other burgeoning trader, nobody can compare the geographical advantage that door business encircles the country. 3 yuan of bridges serve as a capital east area hub of the first traffic, be east 2 annulus, east 3 annulus, east high speed of 4 annulus, airport, Beijing bear the gold node of a few big artery such as high speed. Meanwhile, 10 lines mix the subway in be being built east the fast track that straight door reachs capital airport, also will establish transfer station in 3 yuan of bridges, the subway 10 lines even along northeast 3 annulus exhibit the country, 3 yuan of bridges, Yan Sha is strung together together. At the appointed time, of whole area piece soon more convenient.

Regard a burgeoning business as the circle, the geographical advantage that door business encircles the country already got the whole world of well-known company and overseas investment orgnaization approbate. Gathered inside area south the first class office building such as edifice of boat of edifice of square of Cheng of edifice of silver-colored edifice, bright horse river, beautiful, contemporary car, country. Already entered be stationed in have Microsoft of telecommunication of German BMW, Germany, United States, Japan group of aviation of Suo Ni, China, Beijing is insurance of finance of contemporary, Zurich, big Han aviation, Austria is Lisite, Norwegian triumphant round shipping, Switzerland.

The geographical advantage that door business encircles the country and grumous international atmosphere, make the high-grade residence of this area is bought the home all the time chase after hold in both hands. Before two years, the high-grade residence of this area, apartment once had had concentration to the limit of one's capacity. As ocean, initiate, Hua Run, Hua Yuan and other places produces a tycoon to be built to the development of this area, appeared the heavyweight building such as international of course of study of city of star of new like phoenix city, ocean artery, sun, the 3rd buy, time dish, not only make this area business and the balance that live are able to maintain, also promoted a country the extent value that door business encircles quickly.

Business lives scale is maladjusted clue is shown first

According to the reporter's observation, at present door trade group is in the country the high-grade residence of carry out, apartment, had satisfied increasingly driving buy trade demand very hard. Use up or the Laopan such as new artery of sun star city, phoenix city, ocean already was about to make work exhaust, in carry out building dish only initiate buy course of study and Singapore government invest industrial group (the fur coat of the peaceful highway that GIC) invests jointly, Hua Yuan the home of very few number such as Ma Dou project. Because Qiu Ma belongs to fixed position of apartment project and peaceful highway to have,fasten, peaceful highway is become actually already at present door business encircles the country the backbone that high-grade residence supplies.
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