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Financial market first enlarge look area adds fourfold office company to add 937
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On September 12, come from on the west the message of government of the city zone, block of financial market function will undertake first enlarge look, gross area amounts to 4.77 square kilometer, it is 4 times of financial market older. The partial section with lunar street world also is brought into inside financial market limits. Financial market is original enterprise 1340. After enlarge is allowed, the enterprise that handles official bussiness in financial market will achieve 9376, among them financial company 148.

Occupy additionally " Beijing evening paper " 19 days of messages, enter at present halt on the west outside the financial orgnaization gross that financial business encircles already amounted to 55, include the well-known company such as limited company of finance affairs of group of cable of Fu Guoji gold, China China among them. Xizhimen foreign trader encircles headquarters finance orgnaization to gather relatively, have 8 headquarters or area headquarters orgnaization at present, limited company of limited company of management of poineering fund of the mail in be respectively, finance affairs of group of Chinese China cable, Chinese birthday, civilian install safe, Chinese to protect etc, 20% what occupy orgnaization of Haidian headquarters finance.

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