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Jinan most dispute of recrudesce of capital floor property
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Begin from April 16, the business affairs office building with the oldest Jinan east annulus international square removes property dispute again.
Because owe charge of electricity of capture property cost, water,its fuse is vice director of an owner council, was stuck to go out by property company " dazibao " . Course of study appoint can think this action is inappropriate, also stick an announcement, claim to want to choose hire property company; Property company criterion turn one's weapon around and strike, say to have course of study appoint the meeting is illegimate, want reelecting course of study appoint meeting.
Both sides is hit during getting be inextricably involved, local community is resided appoint also can intervene hurriedly, exit hurriedly again however, highlight superintend just be opposite of this kind of dispute helpless.

New job appoint meeting desire is chosen hire property

Annulus international square is located in Jinan city east 2 annulus east to the south of the road, ride a road gently with north, floor area 155 thousand square metre, it is the business affairs office building with the oldest Jinan, at present nearly 300 enterprises are entered halt. At the beginning of August 2006, because be in a parking lot to collect fees with property company, rental equally shared the dispute of the respect such as the area, owner fried original course of study jointly appoint meeting, held water in November 2006 new a course of study appoint meeting, namely present course of study appoint meeting. "According to state law code, course of study appoint after can holding water, want to be chosen publicly hire property company. " currently hold the post ofcourse of study appoint conference vice director Mr Sun expresses to the reporter, this year on January 29, course of study appoint meeting to sit a meeting, the decision holds owner congress the 2nd times, whether to agree to choose hire property company topic for discussion to undertake voting. Property company strikes back subsequently, on Feburary 13 to owner people extend " tree desire Jing Feng is more than " article, state greeting choosing hires property company, "Of place apprehension is, be in action in bidding, appear very easily the malign competition of mutual demand a low price... of final fall victim is owner. " subsequently, course of study appoint meet those who continue to advance property company choose hire the job. A course of study appoint conference vice director with " existing property company is early days property only, not with course of study appoint countersign is made an appointment with, the legal basis that did not collect fees " for, charge of electricity of refus capture water and property are expended, new issue also is detonated from this.
Mutual rise in revolt
On April 16, property company sticks an announcement, urge capture this afore-mentioned course of study appoint cost of the water charge of electricity of conference vice director, property. That day afternoon, course of study appoint conference chairman Mr Cui and vice director Mr Sun puts forward bargaining to property company, think to appear in announcement " course of study appoint conference vice director " model of written characters is inappropriate, but bargaining is not had if really.
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