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Jinan most dispute of recrudesce of capital floor property
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On April 17, property company sticks an announcement again, the course of study that carelessness expends to afore-mentioned owing appoint manner of conference vice director is bad, and Cui, grandson two people have partial ill will. 17 days afternoon, course of study appoint also can stick an announcement to undertake striking back, say to will make public choosing of invite public bidding to hire property company, and cost of property of pay of appeal owner time-out, but come back namely by property company rip off. Be in course of study appoint meeting and property company are troubled by so that cannot leave during handing in, community of street agency grapery resides east wind of all previous the city zone appoint also can intervene dispute. 19 days morning, grapery community is resided appoint can stick an announcement, say to offer according to owner, should reelect afresh east course of study of annulus international square appoint meeting. But that day afternoon, house appoint meeting however announcement rip off, announce to exit this dispute.
Grapery community is resided appoint meet paragraph of director divulge, the relevant controller of property company came to local agency on April 18, say existing owner committee did not put on record, the course of study of dispute law appoint meeting, took the application of reelecting owner committee. "We do not know property company and course of study formerly appoint existence is contradictory between the meeting, after knowing rip announcement actively. After knowing rip announcement actively..

Who will superintend

Because was not finished,put on record, east course of study of annulus international square appoint can be pointed to illegimate. Room of Jinan high new developed area is in charge of the admire section chief of bureau property division to tell a reporter, present course of study appoint can hold water when, be worth east during annulus international square turns over bureau of canal of room of all previous the city zone by bureau of canal of house of new and high region, because this was not finished,put on record. But he thinks, "Course of study appoint can be an autonomy organization, whether to put on record not to affect its lawful sex. " at the same time, to new job appoint the add of former property company after can holding water puts a problem, zhang Ke of division of property of bureau of canal of room of all previous the city zone is long tell a reporter, choose hiring property company is not a mandatory regulation, it is lawful that property company closes administration fee of fetch course of study to owner. Course of study appoint company of meeting, property sticks to his argument, what also reflected relevant law, code from some kind of meaning is diseased. Zhang Ke is long tell a reporter, " congress of Jinan city owner and owner committee guidance are regular " had begun to carry out on March 19 this year, room canal bureau will undertake combing to present property management accordingly before long. To east the dispute of annulus international square, zhang Ke is long say, bureau of canal of room of all previous the city zone will continue to understand a circumstance, still should not be at present intervene. He expresses at the same time, to the property dispute that exists extensively at present, because involve bizygomatic breadth extensive, the problem is too much, room canal bureau is being superintended above face difficulty, more it is to rely on street agency and house appoint can handle specific arrangements. But at present, the community that annulus international square is in east is resided appoint meeting already " exit " , and dispute still is continueing.
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