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Property is missing mysteriously overnight leave 1 million water to expend sheet
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For many 700 owner of street to the street austral area of drum-tower of the Fuzhou City clever noisy village, this " 51 " long holiday is not relaxed. From head office of tap water of the Fuzhou City Qing Dynasty is owed did on April 28 in village paste cost of a tax owes capture after special announcement, the property company of the village was missing overnight.

Are 1 million water expended by divert?

Yesterday, inside clever noisy village, the reporter sees every downstair paste is worn Qing Dynasty owes head office of tap water of a the Fuzhou City the special announcement that does paste, general content is as follows: This building total watch already owed water cost and sewage to expend × of aggregate × × up to now in January 1999 yuan. According to preliminary investigation, after village precatory promotes benefit to arrange property company to be expended in collection owner water hand in not in time to capture of tap water company, the duty that the likelihood is suspected of embezzlement or the owner capture of divert place management hands in is expended. Tap water company reminds all owner, tap water company never entrusts water of collection of company of Xing Lishun property to expend, requirement owner does not want to hand in water to expend to this property capture since this day.

This tap water company sticks a 12 share announcement in the village in all, every building. According to owner estimation, every declared owes capture water to expend addition, total amount is as high as 1 million yuan or so, owe a building with the most serious cost to owe capture water cost to amount to more than yuan 150 thousand among them.

According to clever noisy village Ms. Chen introduces the owner of 2 buildings, village owner every months on time full specified amount gives water cost property, did not think of to be able to encounter this kind of thing.

Property company is missing mysteriously

More those who let owner headache is, announcement is stuck after going out, mystery was missing between one night of company of Xing Lishun property.

The owner plum lady of 8 buildings tells clever noisy village the reporter, announcement paste comes out the following day, owner also looks for the person that is less than property company again.

Ms. Li introduces, clever noisy village was built 1995, company of Xing Lishun property took over control 1999 about the property of the village, common every every months of pay regards property as 20 yuan administration fee. The wholesome cleanness that property company is in charge of a village simply also and carry of rubbish Qing Dynasty work.

Yesterday, one when the reporter will promote benefit to arrange property company to be set outside clever noisy village handles affairs dot, discover gate lock.

Plan to establish course of study appoint meeting thought fors the time being

Village property appeared vacuum, then from " 51 " the daystart of long holiday, community calls together owner of clever noisy village anxiously to open hold a conference or consultation to discuss an outlet.
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