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Zhejiang head pushs property to guarantee golden system
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It is certain that Zhejiang saves a government to ask property builds an unit to must be in charge of sectional deposit to seat property of amount guarantee gold, guarantee as property the assurance of charge, stock only indoor, in construction the unit violates compasses break a contact badly or enable below jury case.

Zhejiang province builds hall hall to grow piece of Miao Gen to express, from eye antecedent condition looks, problem of the bequeath after some property consign are used still abounds in. In bequeath issue issue, the person that buy a room often is in weak force one party. Add up to right beneficial to protect the weak, build guarantee golden system is necessary. Build residential property to guarantee golden system is Zhejiang contrive the gender sets, still do not have precedent in the whole nation.

Print and distribute carried out Zhejiang province government recently " property of Zhejiang province residence guarantees golden government measure " regulation, from October 1, 2006 later, the blame residence property that the is used at the sale residence property that builds complete, blame residence property inside residential village perhaps is linked together with residential property structure, before building an unit to use conduction authority to belong to the initiative formalities that register in property consign, the beard is one-time guarantee to seat gold the administration installs total cost according to property building the scale of 2 % is handed in guarantee gold. Exceed the time limit does not hand in, add part of offer receiving sluggish by day extremely fine for delaying payment, give punishment.

Henceforth, guarantee in property period inside, once the owner after property consign discovers what housing project puts in quality problem, property village did not design what plan undertakes establishment of form a complete set is built or do not deserve to cover about establishment by the program of classics approval, and construction unit nonperformance guarantees responsibility, or because of its close a business, go bankrupt wait for a reason to cannot be fulfilled guarantee of responsibility, OK by relevant owner or owner committee (did not establish owner committee for community dweller committee) put forward application, after be in charge of a branch to check via setting property of the city of the area, county, start use guarantee gold, organize maintenance by owner committee, its charge is in guarantee the row in gold is raised.

Among them, guarantee because of building unit nonperformance responsibility, owner committee is employed by the regulation guarantee of gold, construction unit must be in guarantee after gold is used full specified amount fills inside 15 days put guarantee gold.

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