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"The barren that use labour " affect breach of job of property management compan
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Not only common jockey is in short supply, and maintain even security personnel, water and electricity labour in short supply, "The barren that use labour " affected property manages an industry. Institute of city property government and bureau of service of government of city obtain employment held special performance of invite applications for a job of company of first property management to negotiate jointly recently meeting, attend negotiate the company of 46 property management of the meeting rolled out 1214 post in all, average every company is short of labour 26.

The property that occupy city manages association secretary-general Gao Yubo to introduce, at present whole town already had property management company nearly 200, make an appointment with 22 thousand person from personnel of course of study, the floor area of place management is close 70 thousand square metre, for this city 500 thousand dweller offers property management to serve. But in recent years, hire difficult problem to perplexing property company all the time, property government industry is made an appointment with at present with labour breach 15% the left and right sides.

The reporter notices, at present the property company of city of another name for Ningbo not only gap of average service personnel is bigger, and administrator is quite in short supply also. Invite applications for a job is met on, enter the arena the property company that sets booth wants management of invite applications for a job to be in director, of all kinds director to wait almost, needs unit chief amounts to 200 much people. The property manager that property company needs to recruit amounts to 520 people, the average service personnel such as the security personnel, labour that protect clean, conduit maintenance worker worker, electrician also should recruit nearly 500 people.

To attract to apply for a job person, the salary general that property company offers to security personnel is ubiquitous 1000 yuan of above, the security personnel personnel that manages to a few accurate militarization among them, salary is opposite taller, in 1200 yuan of above.

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