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Ceiling tierce is bungled fall property of 10 thousand families hires a guest to
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Ceiling tierce is bungled fall property of 10 thousand families hires a guest to be forced wear safety helmet to go to work
We are tall danger crowds, who will prevent cruel 10 thousand divisions

Beijing faces south limited company of estate of 10 thousand families, this is Shenzhen the directly under enterprise of 10 thousand divisions, it is company of such a famous estate, actually from this year since March 2, last around park of capital rising sun cruel construction, lead to an accident many cases early or late, subordinate of group of wind of serious interference country counts the regular job order of an enterprise, the life of minatory employee is safe. It is below " tennis " magazine company of an employee tell about personally.

Its genesis by 2006. A lot of people that hanging card of bosom of 10 thousand divisions appeared suddenly in our dining room. Before this, we are in south sunny park in this office building by the door, cultivated full 4 years, a whole nation's famous magazine is born here, grow here, become famous here, same, there still is the other company of the group inside this office building, they and we are same, after working everyday, can enjoy sunny park thick shade with setting sun, I think such setting sun is extend originally ancient changeless, magazine and park, had become the certain part of our life. We feel to handle official bussiness in sunny park proud.

My individual does not like these people of 10 thousand divisions, the eye because of them piece the chill eyes that next divulging is we are different, but I never also had thought of they can browbeat we, till a day that when have an accident, I just understood, the building of 10 thousand divisions is built so. Actually, I am faint guess these person eyes chill, because they want to become Ren Zhijiang, Pan Shige,be, flat perhaps it is Wang Shi

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