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Shenyang builds property company " honor the agreement bail is made "
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From April the bottom begins, shenyang city will build property company to honor the agreement security system, the property that does not reach the designated position in the light of the service manages an enterprise, municipal government will be deducted about the branch honor the agreement bail. Of new move of this property government roll out, also have a contribution that kingdom of committee member of city the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference promotes.

This year the beginning of the year, commissarial kingdom promoted city the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference to be referred to plenary meeting of city the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference " the draft resolution that manages about strengthening property of village of Shenyang town house " . He is mirrorred in draft resolution, property management is at present non-standard, already executed the residential village of property management, as a result of property right diversity and property right unit irresponsible, owner and property company produce dispute constantly with respect to pay cost and service issue, make property management walks out of odd group then.

After the problem that mirrors in the member that inducted Wang Wei seriously, undertake bureau of unit city house property systems analysis the main problem that management of whole town property occurs, like early days property government action bids non-standard still; Property company serves the standard that contract of quality short of agrees; Administration is superintended still do not reach the designated position; Owner also has to property management pay no attention to solution certainly. Good to fulfil draft resolution, ceaseless and normative property manages, the our city increased legislative strength, come on stage with municipal government name " the executive opinion that manages the job about strengthening uptown property " ; Build urban property to manage joint meeting system, the major problem that uptown property of thrash out whole town manages; The regulation builds residential village early days property government is same execute public action to bid system. In the meantime, build perfect property company sincere letter and system of handler credence assessment, to property management by community the enterprise is undertaken supervise and be assessinged, build property company to honor the agreement security system, honor the agreement to serving the property management company that reach the designated position to deduct bail.

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