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Owner hands in property unit of construction of special maintenance gold is assu
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How special maintenance capital manages property and to how special maintenance capital manages property and use? What how the unit assumes property does property build to guarantee responsibility? Recently, province government was promulgated at the same time " special maintenance capital manages Zhejiang province property method " , " property of Zhejiang province residence guarantees golden government measure " and " facilities facilities is shared to manage method related area of Zhejiang province property " , to owner people the problem of the care undertook formulary.

Building cost maintains capital deposit scale certainly

" special maintenance capital manages Zhejiang province property method " regulation, property is special maintenance capital is to point to by owner deposit special use within the building facilities facilities is shared to guarantee inside division into districts of mutual part, building the maintenance after expiring, update and transform capital. Build property head period special maintenance capital, the floor area that has property by its by owner comes deposit, the standard installs a project for local housing floor area of every square metre is average of cost 5% , 8% . In the meantime, still should press special maintenance capital head period of deposit forehead 3% , 5% establish lash-up a shot in the locker, the maintenance that basically is used at involving building safety, cut off the water supply, power cut, elevator to stop the emergency such as carry to fall and newer. Property is special the use plan that maintains capital, the owner that must occupy above of 2/3 of building gross area via there is a part only inside property management section and after the owner that occupies above of total number 2/3 agrees, by owner committee the organization is carried out, sign up for administration of special maintenance fund to put on record.

Construction unit should assume property to guarantee responsibility

And " property of Zhejiang province residence guarantees golden government measure " regulation, construction unit pays in property before using conduction authority to belong to the initiative formalities that register, should one-time guarantee to seat gold the administration installs total cost according to property building 2% hand in guarantee gold, as guarantee period inside the assurance of property upkeep costs capital. Below normal use condition, residential property guarantees deadline is: Roofing is waterproof project not under 8 years; The toilet that has waterproof requirement, room and outside of metope prevent leakage not under 8 years; Heat addition and offer cold system, for 2 heating period, offer cold period; Electric cop, be installed to catchment conduit, equipment and decorate a project, for 2 years; The foundation project of housing and project of main body construction, infrastructure project, to design the reasonable use fixed number of year of this project that the file sets. Guarantee deadline is calculated since the day of property pay customer oneself.
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