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Development of management of property of area of Shanghai Min travel is rapid
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In recent years, min travel area is mixed as the rapid development of real estate expand, property management enclothes a face to get distensible subsequently.

The statistic of bureau of statistic of Min Hang area shows: To the end of 2006, min travel area shares property company 150, from personnel of course of study sixteen thousand five hundred person, manage area of of all kinds building to amount to thirty-six million seven hundred and twenty-three thousand seven hundred square metre. Among them 1 class aptitude aptitude of 3 the home, 2 class aptitude of 8 the home, 3 class aptitude of 127 the home, tentative step 12.

1, of property management company enclothe a face to expand ceaselessly

Property management is estate development is outspread, it is the main component of community government, also be the newly emerging force that residential management system reforms, its enclothe a face bigger and bigger, involve residential village, bazaar, office building and integrated edifice not only, still pervade building of ward of school building of government organization building, school, hospital. According to statistic: 2006 end, the residential area that property of Min travel area manages is thirty-three million and twenty-five thousand seven hundred square metre, occupy 89.9% ; Office floor accumulates five hundred and fifty-one thousand nine hundred square metre, occupy 1.5% ; Business room area seven hundred and seventy-four thousand six hundred square metre, occupy 2.1% ; Workshop area two hundred and twenty-eight thousand one hundred square metre, occupy 0.6% ; Other house roofing accumulates two million one hundred and forty-three thousand four hundred square metre, occupy 5.9% .

Meanwhile, each property company manages Min travel area area is ceaseless and outward the area is patulous, output administrative pattern external, enlarge property company business. 2006 end, company of property of Min travel area manages building face to accumulate seven million one hundred and eighteen thousand nine hundred square metre external. Manage building face to accumulate one million and ninety-six thousand eight hundred square metre in provincial town among them; Six million and twenty-two thousand one hundred square metre is amounted to in the building area of outskirt management, distributing to divide 16 Feng Xian area, areas besides Chong Ming county in whole town, only the administrative area of Xu Hui area, loose river area already exceeded 100 much square metre respectively.

2, the industry service advantage that manages an area to exceed 500 thousand square metre is better

Divide the development of house system as the money, a large number of residences enter market adjustment to allocate, broad town dweller has the residence of own property right, property management also from administrative sex enclosed managing the trend commercializes open mode management, the dimensions of property management changes development imperative.
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