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Subterranean garage late night owner is in charge of to put a flaw to compensate
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I also dare not walk along nocturnal road alone again, dare not go to that ground issueing a garage more! " be robbed by two new men two years ago person disaster money robs again car, final wipe mind shadow hard still up to now from Ms. Pan of Nanjing barely escape one's life, nightmare is ceaseless in the evening. On May 10 13 when 30 minutes, court of mouth of home of land of court of people of Shanghai Pudong new developed area suffers the person damages case of attention to make first instance adjudicate with respect to the equipment on this Shanghai, 10 thousand state property of the accused Shanghai manage limited company (the following abbreviation property of 10 thousand state) RMB of pecuniary loss of compensatory accuser Ms. Pan 8000 yuan, to the other suit of Ms. Pan the request does not grant to support.
A late night November 2005, ms. Pan drives come home. When village underground garage jockeys, she is hijacked suddenly by two new men. The car that after the gangster binds Ms. Pan, is thrown into her is mothball inside box, take even the person the car to leave for Nanjing directly next. "Record of system of village entrance guard shows, I this car enters a village is a late night 11 when, the gangster drives giving a village is 11 when 06 minutes, a man was changed to drive in 6 minutes, how doesn't village security personnel have vigilance. " when Ms. Pan after the event recollects the scene at that time still be indignant.

The lady that occupy Pan introduces, after car, cash and bank card are robbed, she spreads out deal with wittily with the gangster, final gangster uses wine fuddle her, a hotel that goes to Nanjing at sending her the following day, drive next swagger off. This ability safety returns Ms. Pan of barely escape one's life Shanghai.

Ms. Pan expresses, when the accident, she once contained two mobile phones on the body, she has signed up for with the mobile phone that was not discovered by the gangster among them alarm, after the event she was made to public security mechanism again written report a case to the security authorities record. On Feburary 16, 2006, mechanism of Guangzhou city public security checks those who buckled her to be grabbed car, ms. Pan opens the car a Shanghai after, cost of defray upkeep, pass by, gasoline expenses add up to 10 thousand multivariate.

Ms. Pan thinks on the court, property of 10 thousand state regards the accused as unit of village property management, serious in offerred property service neglect one's duty, fail to discover in time, check crime, bring about two new men to hijack its easily from Shanghai, what carry her the property such as card of cash, bank to rob entirely, cause massive harm to her spirit especially, reason asks property of 10 thousand state compensates for her now the of all kinds loss such as expenses of loss of card of cash, bank, medical expenses, spirit, retaining fee adds up to more than yuan 78000.

And the accused property of 10 thousand state thinks, the demit of her one side can is only before the case that Ms. Pan place narrates sends a course to was not detected in the case, authenticity affirms hard, and Ms. Pan belongs to haphazard completely by staking, have cannot foresight, exceeded the accused to manage medium ability and control limits in normal property. The accused is pressed " early days property manages a contract " the regulation of agreement and relevant law laws and regulations fulfills obligation, nonexistent fault, also not be person of do harm to. Agent of property of 10 thousand state points out finally, according to legal provision, the body is a year by the litigant effectiveness for a given period of time of harm, ms. Pan advocates all right again after a year now, its already exceeded litigant effectiveness for a given period of time, reason asks the court rejects the appeal of Ms. Pan.
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