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Brand property is in market competition thoroughly remould oneself
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The property government of our country already went the course that passed more than 10 years up to now from development. As a kind of new-style service industry, development of industry of countrywide property government is rapid, at present the enterprise makes an appointment with 30 thousand, amount to 3 million person from personnel of course of study. Enter brand times as estate market, the following to be being entered feeling values owner more and more, the importance of property management is self-evident. Many development business also discarded stage by stage " build from the canal oneself " idea, give the professional other people after passing invite public bidding to be in charge of a company property project, this makes property management must face more captious look, demand of market of brand property company soars, as the elapse of time, the differentiation combination of content pipe company also is being increased stage by stage, the personage inside course of study points out, property management of home is being changed by sensibility change development to reason, for the person that use at developing the terminal of business, owner and building relatively, already also entered reason to choose a times to the choice of property company. In recent years especially 2005, in large quantities of one brands such as property of the sea property, property that enrol business, 10 thousand families property management company shows itself, became the delegate of domestic brand property.
This year, the chronic and stubborn disease of property management -- complain lead tall, lack it is standard, difficult to run those who wait for problem brandish do not go, appeared even in a few cities owner and circumstance of property company violent opposed. As " property regulation " come on stage, content canal market is met from become gradually without foreword orderly. The personage inside course of study points out, the property government market this year will be the adjustment before great progress period, 2006 is a decision a large number of in young property manages an enterprise whether the key of surrive and development a year. After 2007, the market will wash out large quantities of one actual strength not quite abundant, manage not quite normal property management company, and the company of property of a batch of brands that goes out in the emerge in large numbers in market competition, will change combination through cent, hold the major market of property government industry.
In fact, market of Chinese property government had had considerable market dimensions -- realized annual produce 2006 30 billion yuan, the 30 % above that enclothes a face to achieve urban total property to measure. The locomotive condition 2007 shows, outside dividing existing residence village to must undertake property management, large-scale logistics serves socialization to be able to give property management to offer more vast development space surely. On one hand, property government industry had entered big market; On the other hand, industry competition is more intense also. As the market progressively and perfect, will property of more foreign capital manages an enterprise to garrison China in a large-scale, like Davis of the first Pacific Ocean, England the first building of Weigesi, Germany Du Siman, Japan serves nation of chamberlain of company limited, Holand, world Wei Lishi, United States happy orgnaization of canal of the content outside advanced condition already or, the inside and outside of property market endowment competition is more intense -- the brand changes development to had been become mix this year a few years property will develop henceforth advocate trend.
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