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Lead careless town business to encircle the day that revives in the round to fil
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"Although because similar day is filled inside area,collect pattern of such trade of burgeoning high end greatly,still do not have appear completely, atmosphere of whole area commerce still is in brew in, but the idea that businessman and consumer encircle to trader of careless city market, occurrent change. " old individual businessman is managed in Beijing University street Mr Wu discloses.

Mr Wu place speaks of be being collected mostly is to be located in trader of careless city market to encircle the property of one office business of core port position, lane of different of article of project near neighbour, everybody is happy, good wait for brunt inn more again, commercial property gross area amounts to 12177.2 square metre, have square of commerce of 2600 square metre, the project is propped up in person energy of life, port, consumption wait for a respect to have clear advantage. It is at present the infrequent commercial real estate on field of the Chengdu City invests latent capacity.

The feeling of Mr Wu reflected trader of market of whole grass city to encircle at the same time in recent years change. The backside of this kind of change is the governmental macroscopical program to whole area, it is the group of trade of careless city market that is about to revive, it is the consumptive demand of the about a hundred 10 thousand people that are about to burst forth, and the investment opportunity that collects such high-end trade pattern to bring grandly with the day...

Trader of careless city market encircles Ceng Hui brilliant temporarily

Careless city market has very principal port on phylogeny of Chengdu trade group. 80 time later period goes to the century on 90 time metaphase, carry market of the city that draft, think of vogue, high-grade dress with respect to couplet letting a person. Careless city market is at that time the " dress with Chengdu and even illustrious and famous Sichuan " of a street, be equal to be pursued high qualitily loftily at be opposite to the scramble for sth of careless city market. Careless city market, with be pregnant with of a street the burgeoning fortune estate at that time, honorable temporarily. But because old city is transformed, tear open change spread out in succession, high-grade costume market withdraws Chengdu gradually careless city market, once brilliant times no longer.

Careless city market revives thinking is clear

Nevertheless, old consumption is used to an influence to fall, consumer did not forget group of trade of careless city market, what group of trade of careless city market needs is there is new decay on commercial pattern. Relevant section also made " compose build to careless city market 4 big board piece the tentative idea of " . According to this tentative idea, trader of careless city market encircles enclothe a face extremely wide, build compose with mulish horse city area of central business affairs is market of bibcock, careless city to be bank of Henan of hub, government office new-style estate development is foundation, Wen Shu courtyard and its periphery travel the service is core to take, implementation whole area is benign economy is circumfluent, reframe brand-new commercial pattern. Group of trade of careless city market will attract the burgeoning trade pattern such as Information Industry of of all kinds and recreational recreation, culture and meal brand participate in, thereby the commercial resource that traffic of market of integrated grass city encircles.
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