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500 strong enlarge hire center of spic office building 6 areas office building i
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Be opposite as the development of Guangzhou economy and each old famous brand the confidence of Guangzhou business environment, all multilateral border change old brand enterprise to be hired in Guangzhou enlarge in succession. And Central Plains real estate is newest released data shows, at present Guangzhou town business is six hundred and eighty-seven thousand six hundred square metre about with property supply, this is occupied during comparing the golden week, dropped 10% .

International 5 big one of newest research report points out Gao Li international, of office building of this quarterly Guangzhou first class rent give priority to with removing to be hired with enlarge, for example Xi Menzi (China) the branch of limited company Guangzhou, bank that collect abundant (China) branch of limited company Guangzhou and Bi Mawei enterprise seek advice (China) limited company already all removed large building of town of the Milky way of sea of another name for Guangdong Province, and enlarge operation, rented respectively 6770 square metre, 1069 square metre and 6827 square metre.

And at present the can be counted on one's fingers of office building project on the market, and project of office building of the much class that it is second. Edifice of Wu of its China Hongkong's trader will this month 21 days open carry out formally, and Asian banking center and the grand that always contract accumulate international date opening carry out has not decided edifice of business affairs edifice, Feng Chuan international at present.

Drop what as office building of Guangzhou first class empty buy leads further, the average rent of the 3rd quarter and price all have this year on tone. The investigation data of high power international shows, average rent and price are 133 yuan respectively / square metre / the month mixes 17910 yuan / square metre, respectively relatively on the quarter rises 4.7% with 17.8% .

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