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New dish of tendency full carry out is long term investor can enter city
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According to walking on the spot dish learn, the office building that at present Shenzhen basically is making work is only city of golden movement century, coast on the west edifice of He Rongchao seaside; Have carry out office building Hua Jiang square, outstanding times square 2 period, edifice of bank business affairs reachs international on the west overhead profit square 2 period. Afore-mentioned projects apt is whole put on sale, many projects still must be to rectify a layer to buy.

Better in a sector of an area of carry out project

Walk this dish, our newspaper 3 reporters and office building of beautiful couplet property Wang Tao of department inspector general together, inspected Hua Jiang square, outstanding times square early or late 2 period, Jin Yunshi discipline and coastal city on the west. Walk this on the spot dish 4 buildings dish, be located in area of heart of tanaka of Hua Jiang north, blessing, Nashanzhong these business affairs and economy center heart area area, "Above all this has an advantage on a sector of an area. " Wang Tao expresses.
Still understand through stepping on dish of reporter on the spot, majority of a few projects apt lets be bought investment settle or live in a strange place is whole layers, "On one hand, this shows what in can be being offerred, small investment objective buys Shenzhen is current write the ministry is not much, on the other hand this decided future can satisfy high-end industry bedding face accumulate rented demand, also assured the latent capacity that office building appreciates ceaselessly. " Wang Tao says.
Nevertheless Wang Tao emphasizes, the value growth of office building still cannot see single item only, make an on-the-spot investigation even whole the business affairs of an area encircles development, because the value play of office building needs effect of group of have the aid of. Picture south the development of area of center of hill, Baoan still needs 3-5 year time, office building gross is finite, and the part is making work building dish had had overdraw the phenomenon of prospective value, investment needs to take care all the more.

Long term investor already can enter city

To office building of Shenzhen of second half of the year go situation, wang Tao thinks to after all still one fraction invests a guest now by force of capital pressure, still can depreciate likely sell, so investment also needs discretion now. But of office building fight drop the gender is stronger, be opposite especially a few a sector of an area are nicer, already had reach future piece the project with area better program, can maintain height to pay close attention to.
And reduce those who reach hire to rise steadily as the price of office building, the hire return rate of whole of whole town office building has risen to current 6%-8% from the 4%-5% 2007, had already basically long term the condition of investment. Wang Tao thinks, in the stock market low fan, investment approach is narrow, inflation is as high as the circumstance of 7%-8% to fall, investing office building is the way with make sure capital protects a value a kind of counteractive inflation, better.
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