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Ren Zhijiang: The Olympic Games is finite to the influence of Beijing house pric
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-- Ren Zhijiang the ana   keyword about estate focus problem:   of inflection point   " estate whether inflection point already showed, should see macroscopical economy, estate and macroscopical economy are synchronous, want Chinese economy growth to maintain the level in 8 % above only, house price is bullish. Unless economic growth glides to 1 % , 2 % , so respecting of house price ability inflection point. Support house price at 2 o'clock reason: The city is changed rate only 40 % are much, future still has many demand. Population bonus supports prospective demand. "   keyword:   of   of price of Olympic Games house " the Olympic Games is very finite to the influence of Beijing house price. On the history, a lot of sponsor urban house price to drop after the Olympic Games, that is because of those cities original supply has 2 million square metre only, what the Olympic Games brings is new add an area to achieve 4 million rice, come so, house price drops after the Olympic Games. But the supply of Beijing has originally 100 million, the increment of 4 million is an odd only, the influence is finite. "   keyword: Cost     " the gold of land sell one's own things of big city occupies 50 % , small town occupies 30 % in, all sorts of tax cost occupy 15 % to arrive 20 % , build install cost 30 % , the government just is the main person that gain profit. "   keyword:   of   of sudden huge profits " estate is the large-scale industry that few number allows private capital to enter, earnings gain relatively concentration, but compare with petrifaction industry posture, many the gain of estate is small, but get greatly to national contribution much. Should say, estate is the industry of embellish of high risk usury. "

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