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Yang Xiaoming talks about group of land home mouth: We have competition ability
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Today, mouth of Shanghai land home (group) be a guest of Yang Xiaoming of secretary of limited company Party committee, general manager " " approach they " the net goes up " honored guest chatting room, as online as netizens communicating, the group of land home mouth that removed him a little and own his government old practice. Talk about a company: Group of land home mouth has competition ability of 4 big core the group of land home mouth that   Yang Xiaoming is in is a company that gives priority to with commercial development. Speak of current estate market development, he expresses, the market condition with commercial current real estate is first-rate. "Because commercial real estate is the development of urban function to offer a space, for contemporary service course of study offers vivosphere, and Shanghai front is facing industrial structure adjust, the service line of business of Pudong has huge to develop a space again, so the spring of commercial real estate should be to just begin. "   is current, of group of land home mouth advocate business Wu is in transition. Basically be in charge of developing the land of Pudong center the city zone before, undertaking the commercial real estate of Pudong center the city zone is developed hard now, main product includes: Building of research and development of financial office building, headquarters office building, city, shopping centers, hotel, meeting exhibits place to wait a moment. Yang Xiaoming expresses, because commerce is landed project development cycle is longer, investment amount is larger also, estimation should arrive 3 - the success that everybody just can see transition after 5 years. When the core competition ability that speaks of group of land home mouth, yang Xiaoming is to dash along more rise: "The first, it has the advantage of land natural resources. The project of commercial real estate that land home mouth develops is located in the core area of division of trade of banking of mouth of Pudong land home, here is centering the transnational corporation that is in Shanghai and orgnaization of foreign capital finance; The 2nd, group of land home mouth has had good product to develop ability through development of more than 10 years, blame Changshu all and the cause client that understand us are right the quality standard of the demand of the product and product; The 3rd, group of land home mouth has stronger financing capability and financial ability; The 4th, group of land home mouth has group of a very good employee. All these advantages, put the performance with can support our company to have in respect of market competition ability better together. "   talks about management: Identify true attitude only, have the administrative experience that brilliant job is experienced and abounds without Yang Xiaoming of successful   of a magic weapon, hold the position of a party to an undertaking in 3 enterprises early or late. Since working to group of land home mouth, the strategy of the look up before him, scientific decision-making with outstanding execution, let a person be convinced for it. When as online as the netizen communicating, he also removed himself to be experienced in the result on management a little. The main effect that the quality that Yang Xiaoming emphasized property management above all removes in respect of promotion property value. "Good, property management of high end is to be based on hardware management and software to manage two respects, hardware management is including basically is to show the equipment of the building and architectural are safeguarded, software management content is to need to maintain a good way of life for resident more more, this is the problem that a need improves for a long time continuously. " the working experience that   is based on him himself, he tells broad netizen, want to become a good development business, must offer good product for the client above all, satisfy client demand as far as possible, managing next on must stand fast sincere letter. Yang Xiaoming works in business management layer for years, accumulated quite rich experience, the netizen asks whether he has on management " a magic weapon " , say he is very modest and straight-outly: "I do not have the doohickey with special what, the job that is an all seriously respects only has been done. "   is in routine, he also can have a lot of pressure. Some come from partner, some are the difficulty in coming from the job. Nevertheless, yang Xiaoming expresses, these pressure are to urge his precipitant motivation.

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