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Ren Yuling: Stablize house price to should not be when optimal moment save city
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Distinguished economist holds the post of Yu Ling to express when accepting our newspaper to interview, should not be not only at present save city, stablize the optimal moment of house price however instead. Chinese estate signs up for: The half an year of a few companies signs up for the near future to have very big shrink, wang Shi expresses even " had done worst plan " . Do you think whether situation of second half of the year will continue to worsen? Ren Yuling: Actually these are the logic of land agent. From the point of whole, first half of the year the overall condition of estate is good. Land agent thinks the estate of this kind of big city of Beijing, Shanghai appreciates ceaselessly all the time is the farmer changes of the generation in the citizen's process " firm demand " those who drive. But urban house price, make major masses essential cannot bear, say from this meaning, so called " rigid demand " already not answer exist. Speculation demand, investment sex demand is the prime cause that before propping up two years house price violent wind rises. And how to let " rigid demand " just rose truly, let numerous common people can afford a room truly, this ability is the basis that estate future develops and motivation. Chinese estate signs up for: Does to the near future stimulation of each local government clinch a deal why do you have the practice of quantity, warm city to evaluate? Whether are you held with save city? Ren Yuling: The growth of local finance, GDP is too big to the dependence of estate. Rely on to sell the ground growth especially financial practice is very impertinent, the government 20 years ago does not have such doing, the government after 20 years is impossible also to be done so again. Accordingly, answer to control the impulse that develops estate moderately. The price that supplies housing especially to price must undertake fathering accusing. The practice of warm city can make the development of estate flourishing temporarily, but can bury next hidden trouble to future. Present estate has been moved toward in big city unusual change, accordingly I do not advocate save city. This time is to control house price, delay to solve the best moment of next crises however. Chinese estate signs up for: And other places of Shenzhen, Shanghai all appeared recently group of 10 thousand people buys an organization, how do you look? Can be this kind of phenomenon denied spread to the whole nation? Ren Yuling: I do not understand this kind of phenomenon. It spreads far from possibly to the whole nation. I think this kind of behavior has the suspicion that fry a room, cannot eliminate to the small number of people operates. From long-term in light of, chinese estate can have great progress absolutely. But solve " live to be resided somewhat " premise is house price should fall a reasonable degree. Basically build numerous common people in Australia for example " can bear " housing is worth to learn, our housing price also answer progressively to " can bear " the target transfers.

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