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Niu Dao: The possibility that shows level to heat up Qian Liu to enter building
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International heats up Qian Liu to enter China, have 3 apparent features: Short-term sex, speculation and sex of sudden huge profits. Hot without brushstroke money is below the case with extremely high risk, the economic progress that will be China does contribution. Because before paragraph period, heat of a few economist fries international to heat up money, the hot money that some thinks to flow into China even already was amounted to 17.5 trillion, some money saying heat should flow into China to be put in the bank to 12% arrive only the profit of 14% , some says sensationally even: The world that the estate of prospective China will reduce foreign capital... the thing of the big check of so slippery the world, it is this side expert sits in the home to make up painstakingly the crammer that come out. Does hot money have Liketu after all in China? Where can these hot money flow to after all? How many heat up Qian Liu to enter China after all? Taking these problems, I visited a lot of folk personages, try to understand nitty-gritty, unlock cheats the veil on hot money. Traditional hot Qian Liu is mixed into Sweden, Las Vegas Macao and other places is more. Hot money is large-scale flowing into China is the thing that comes nearly 8 years, after we join WTO, although be written on the agreement,have concerned clause, but carry out lax case. Resemble an Asia a lot of burgeoning countries are same, we are beginning to still try to be flowed into to hot money offer normal channel, but very sharp turn off a machine. Flow into hot money of China at present, basically have two passageways: It is black money passageway, adopt the means of maritime smuggling mostly, the cost that this part heats up Qian Liu to enter China is about 3% to 5% the left and right sides, that is to say, the cost that maritime boat carries is higher, see scope magnitude and decide; 2 it is to pass the commerce credit, short term credit, FDI main channel that formed hot Qian Liu to enter China, because cost of this kind of resort is higher, should achieve commonly 5.5% to 8% . According to statistic of branch of Guangdong silver-colored inspect, the black money that flowed into China 2007 about 300 billion, and the hot money that flows into through commerce credit, short term credit was about 2007 200 billion, accordingly, stop to won't exceed 500 billion in hot money of China. If these international heat up Qian Liu to enter Chinese hind, just put into the bank merely, that does not have accrual almost, chinese RMB appreciated last year extent is about 7.3% , the integrated cost that heats up Qian Jin to enter China is about to achieve 6% , it is likewise on interest rate negative, where they earn money? Bank of alleged hot Qian Cunjin can sit close 12% knowing to the accrual of 14% is how fictional those who come out. Apparent, risking so big risk to enter China, the affirmation that heat up money should profiteer, regrettablly the conspire that is hot money did not come true. Last year, have the hot money that is close to 200 billion U.S. dollor, pass all sorts of channel evil the stock market that fried China one time, gain profit quite abundant, but, did not run away completely, estimation still has nearly one billion two hundred and fifteen million seven hundred and fifty-two thousand one hundred and ninety-two dormancy to be in the stock market, some even principal is not had return. The foreigner also has the place that looks not to appear Chinese stock market. Next, nearly one billion two hundred and fifteen million seven hundred and fifty-two thousand one hundred and ninety-two is cast to building city, this share cash should the majority returns dormancy to be in building city, do not have there's still time to run away. Still 2000 come 100 million be in China doing usurious business socially. From the point of the tendercy of governmental management department, these hot money think get away and escape, be afraid of is it is so easy to do not have. On August 6, the State Council is newest the exchange control byelaw that distributing sets what increased pair of commerce authenticity on one hand to examine strength, manage to capital project on the other hand more meticulous and strict. In addition right financial orgnaization foreign currency received Fu Jin to go rigid standard, punish method clearly, tubal branch also obtained one part to allow jurisdictional force from this outside, supervisory management will be more competent. On July 2, 3 branches promulgate total office of foreign currency bureau, Department of Commerce, customs jointly carry out " exit receives net of couplet of settlement of exchange to check method " , formulary company exit closes collect (contain receive payment for goods beforehand) the exit that should enter an enterprise first closes collect wait for the account that check. When the enterprise is dealing with capital settlement of exchange or lay off formalities through waiting for the account that check, the bank should log onto exit to receive net of couplet of settlement of exchange to check a system, answer relatively in particular trade category can close undertake the nucleus is noted closing collecting inside the limits that collect the forehead. On July 18, national hair changes appoint give out " the announcement that invests project management with normative foreign trader about be being strengthened further " , the requirement saves city hair to change each appoint, classics trade appoint carry out a foreign trader strictly to invest project approve to make, strengthen what invest project authenticity to the foreign trader to examine. Strengthen right already the supervisory examination of approve project. Of each measure come on stage, sword sharp edge shows international heats up money continuously, let you be entered come, let you go out easily anything but. As to maritime smuggling, bring into the limits that the government hits all along, be like by capture, coefficient is confiscatory. Of these measure fulfil, we had seen the government heats up the high vigilance of money to international, why so much expert still can think, where is city of building of China of inpour of the meeting that heat up money? Building city serves as praedial, sex of effectiveness for a given period of time is longer, do not accord with the feature of the flow direction that heat up money. Last year the hot money of inpour building city, be for congenial hype mostly, and macroscopical adjusting control of the country basically will fried the home to force gave the market, large-scale congenial hype does not accord with national interest already, also do not have likelihood happening absolutely. Enter the method of building city first-rate only now, cooperate fund to be opposite namely building city, the evidence of Shanghai is the clearest, of the control the forces of nature on city of those former preexistence building fund, turned to what spread to office building and business to buy now, bale next appear on the market. But, on July 18, national hair changes appoint the announcement been carryinging out approve clearly to make, all praedial to China investment are divided former already besides the project of approve, no longer the project with new approve. This announcement, will carry out on August 14. Foamy of city of building of Chinese government eliminate tries hard, also be be obvious to all. The hot money that is a purpose with the spec won't so feel snubbed of ask for it, to the project of sudden huge profits is being done not have inside shorter time, how is hot money likely Where is patronage? Accordingly, the possibility that shows level to heat up Qian Liu to enter building city is adjacent for 0. Those return the project that in hope international hot money helps, should die really this heart.

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