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International of mine of special interview treasure: Advantage of development of
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Ms. Chen Jie is to be engaged in the senior personage with old industry of first class office building. The business shop that mentions future with her and office building market grow a trend, ms. Chen Jie speaks with fervor and assurance, she is very affirmative say, the first class office building in commercial real estate has favorable development trend, and it is better and better that development impetus is met certainly, the hire in the future also can go up taller more. She is forecasted, come by 2007 at the beginning of 2008, it is the good chance that a profit grows at commercial property market, as headquarters model of big company, big company enter halt, to whole office building of large area, and even the demand of the office building that cross a layer will be bigger and bigger, to the market promote and pull a movement to use apparently.

In addition, she still expresses, normal estate website is right building dish the appraise through comparison that does is objective justice mostly, result of appraise through comparison is right building dish the sale has very good stimulative action. The building with higher quality dish, discharge the building in odd front row of a list of names posted up dish, can have better market to sell a dot, also be better to selling outstanding achievement drive action.

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