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Average per capita only 2 to building of business affairs of CBD of the 4 Shangh
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This city detects area of office of average per capita of company of the part inside indication building only density of population of 2-4 square metre is put high in all sorts of diseases popular risk

Regard this city as branch of science and technology special the research project that aid financially, city disease accuses center, Fudan University the task group that the expert of much home unit such as communal and wholesome institute establishs jointly, to Shen Cheng business affairs building collected density of quality of air of area office building, employee and healthy state to undertake sampling investigating a few days ago. Investigation shows, on Shanghai area of central business affairs (real office area is not worth CBD) office worker badly. As a result of population height height of concentrated, environment closes, buildings of many high-grade business affairs were become " big frowsty pot " , put in all sorts of contagion, chronic, occupational disease the risk of large-scale popularity.

6-10 square metre should be lowest standard

According to authoritative branch statistic, this city space of 16 above floor exceeds 6000, among them building of CBD business affairs makes an appointment with 1000, these floor space basically are in centrally Pudong, Xu Hui, Huang Pu, static how, the area such as Lu Wan and lasting peace, enter halt rate more than 90% .

Project task group samples investigated advocate the building is 42 layer, add of 6 annex muti_function commercial office building eaves, investigate a key to be 6 buildings above advocate building. Investigation shows, the average per capita of staff of company of the majority inside building of this business affairs handles official bussiness actually the area is far little at designing a standard, it is 2 ~ on average only people of 4 square metre / .

Be located in this building for example branch of 9 Shanghai of a transnational corporation, have about 100 employee, although company place occupies floor area to amount to 1200 square metre, but handle official bussiness inside the area that the employee of 90% basically centers in a 350 square metre; Another is located in 19 buy estate company, have about 56 employee, accumulation handles official bussiness inside the area of 120 square metre.

Task group points out, investigate discovery this, the floor with concentrated height of a few personnel inside building of this business affairs, be like 19 buy estate company, the gross of office staff achieves building design to allow unexpectedly the biggest those who accommodate a number is multiple above. Additional, partial company although the floor area that average per capita has amounts to mark, but the communal and wholesome state that real office area did not consider when company indoor decoration, the result still brings about office staff density unreasonable, be like 9 transnational corporation, real office area also is not worth people of 4 square metre / .
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