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Investment house: Those who earn is smooth and steady money

The purpose that invests residential property nothing more than 4 kinds: It is the redound that seeks ideal. The accrual; that invests residential property to all can obtain 8%-10% commonly 2 it is to stem from the consideration that protects a value. Residential property because the character of land has to market wave motion fight certainly drop force, can remove; of very good the effect that protect a value 3 be pursuit asset appreciate. Urban land is had cannot second birth sex, this makes the property of certain a sector of an area becomes precious and rare, invest this kind of property, can make assets appreciates; 4 it is control risk. Residential property function is distinctive, vicissitude of the market is slow, hold easily, investor can be better the ground controls a risk. Can say, although gains is relatively mild,invest the residence, but earlier investment is not quite large, the risk is relatively lesser also, it is 3 kinds of house property in investment a most reliable kind.

Invest business shop: One shop raises 3 generation

Common saying says " one shop raises 3 generation " , the crowd that invests business shop at present divides roughly it is 4 kinds: The guest of v/arc rent land or a house for subletting of; of small or petty proprietor that the pass on after buying grain merchant to the shop rents or wait for its to appreciate gains profit the hire with trade price " eat " into quite business shop of the amount, after the course is packed appropriately, again with retail price sublease, earn self-supporting business of among them; of price difference profit to spread; to invest provide for the aged.

Differ with other investment, business shop has method of two kinds of appreciation. It is relet, 2 it is self-supporting. Generally speaking, invest the rent profit that small-sized business spreads, absolutely prep above stocks money the accrual of the bank. In the meantime, business spreads price to show retrorse and interactive relation with housing price normally, business spreads the price to be able to follow commerce to atmosphere matures and fluctuate up, secondhand because its are circumjacent,business shop is met of commercial atmosphere breed maturity and the price rises. Common saying says, business shop is used more appreciate more, the residence is used more jump over depreciation.

But business shop investment is high investment, high yield piece, the behavior of high risk, before investor is deciding to invest an object, a few respects must be clear about understanding: It is understanding a sector of an area. Located the; of potential of the appreciation that protect a value that the stand or fall of a sector of an area matters to business to spread directly 2 it is understanding development business. Expenditure of the actual strength that develops business, letter, experience, matter to a store directly whether form; truly 3 it is to master market level. A storefront is worth how many money, it is by its hire level place is decided, should reach now to shop of business of a sector of an area in the near future hire level understands somewhat, ability is calculated its present price is reasonable.
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