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Round-the-world banking center shows " ox ticket "
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A week of start business of office of sightseeing of center of Shanghai round-the-world banking, tourist of numerous other place queues up to draw the butcher that take a picture, also draw on kite " ox " . Rise last noon, appear outside the entrance " ox " pretend 94 entrance ticket of 100 yuan of prices are climb a hill 150 yuan of 100 entrance ticket, earn 50 yuan of price difference from which.

Uprise looks far it is cozy business originally, but the sightseeing of round-the-world banking center is existing a blemish in an otherwise perfect thing, have tourist report, b1 entrance buys a ticket to nod lamplight dim, air conditioning is insufficient, the tourist that lets queue up here feels be agitated, ceiling of glass of cabinet of 97 sightseeing day always is not opened, your tourist is taking a regret to leave.

Queue up to buy bill time to shorten

Last noon, the tourist ascends a top to still need to queue up to buy a ticket outside the entrance, shorten when practice before the length of team of the tourist on the greenbelt outside the entrance is compared one weekend close 2/3. Hall of sightseeing of round-the-world banking center is counted to passenger flow about the personage with " trade is secret " for, refus does not disclose.

The tourist needs to queue up before be being compared one weekend 2 hours Fangke ascends a building, queue up to buy a ticket last noon basic it is 20 minutes are controlled. The tourist expresses generally, still can accept.

Entry point, put a tourist every time nearly 30 people, every other is close 5 minutes, put next tourist, control tourist number with this. Dweller of Shanghai this locality still scarce, even " hit draw a design " the citizen also was done not have. Practice at the beginning of, before still having a lot of Shanghai citizens, will seek advice have wait for matters concerned without sightseeing privilege.

  The tourist is too much " ox " jealous

The faineant tourist in queueing up gives butcher people bring business chance, numerous butcher holds photo, the form with these Home Xiaoliu familiar mouths is to taking the photo of setting of Oriental bright phearl to hit advertisement deal originally, nowadays, setting changes round-the-world banking center, cry out is worn " 10 yuan pat below 101 " . There are many people to take a picture in the tourist, dismiss wait foolishly below burning sun with this.

The tourist passes to also draw on a ticket more " ox " , the staff member reminds a tourist to must not be bought " ox " the entrance ticket in the hand. Yesterday, already discovered a tourist for managing and outdoors time queueing up, by " ox " cheat 150 yuan to buy the entrance ticket that cannot arrive at 100.

An organization vehicle that adds newly on Dong Tailu is nodded up and down, the staff member says sightseeing hall, rose on September 17, round-the-world banking center will begin to recieve the tourist of the group.
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