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Office of advent of the end of the year 4 floor meet with between one night big
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Mr Yang that came to a company go to work early in the morning yesterday opened the door to be dumbfounded, whole office is turned over so that one ins disorder. Remember two camera in the cabinet suddenly have not lock, tottering opens cupboard door, already was deserted inside, beloved content already met with wicked hand.

Fall in the same time on the chair in Mr Yang paralysis almost, this seat installs the urban district at facing flourishing a section of a highway -- noise of the phone in the security personnel room inside the office building on money king street becomes. Be informed thereafter, the day before yesterday the late night comes yesterday in a few hours of before dawn, 5 buildings arrive from 2 buildings inside the office building that Mr Yang is in 4 floor all meet with wicked hand. The reporter is headed for when interviewing, on the windowsill of Mr Yang office, two clear footmark that a person harmful to the country and people leaves still are in awesomely as before eye.

The end of the year comes, a person harmful to the country and people is savage. Reporter from face install police to understand, since last year December, each village produces the along the line of highway of old Hang Hui that faces Anchang to change churchyard many cases to enter room theft case one after another. Have a night, be in same a property that the place has nearly 10 other peoples unexpectedly at the same time by pilfer, bravery of thief of it may be said wraps day, unbridled. For as soon as possible the flee hither and thither of burglar of keep within limits, posture that commits the crime wildly, bodyguard one party is quiet, prosperous changes police station to be passed on one hand extend the form such as the handbill begins safety actively to be on guard education works, the safety that raises common people is on guard consciousness, in the meantime, rapid organization alarm force begins job of investigation crack a criminal case.

Of each village that passes along the line of pair of line of old Hang Yu into room theft case spot undertakes iteration perambulate, visit, policeman discovery, these cases are sending record time, commit the crime the place that number, method and feature of suspect substance appearance have a lot of likeness. Once a place is stolen, be in almost same time, and always be 67 families group meet with wicked hand. Although experience proposal value is not great, brought great panic to villager of along the line however. The analysis that police passes pair of cases, grind sentence, decide in old Hang Hui highway along the line sets card to intercept, wait for a criminal to be captured. Since December 10, prosperous changes police station to be organized every night alarm force undertakes setting getting stuck patrolling, but in succession ten days, did not discover doubtful personnel. On December 23 before dawn 4 when, the policeman changes highway of 5 abundant village to be opposite in prosperous when interrogate and examine of minibus of a white, discover on the car two Hunan book men look flustered, the origin of inexplicability of 3 mobile phones that and be opposite carries, bring back two people interrogate and examine of police station the same night subsequently. Via cross-questioning, hong Mou and Hu Mou (all be person of Hunan phoenix county) explained other of in collusion with is in for many times since December the guilty fact that faces and other places of An Changhua, exquisite to commit the crime into room theft, thereby with one action is uncovered happen in of late face installed 30 Yu Qi series to enter room theft case. Current, two crime suspect already was detained by criminal, the case is being investigated further in.
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