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Begin China is stationed in beautiful embassy new house begins
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Of Bei Yuming child the design is become be stationed in diplomatic mission of beautiful the most large-scale foreign country

Beautiful east time 29 days of early morning, yang Jie (guest of Yang Jie rich, yang Jie news, yang Jie says) the figure of Chi appears in Fan Na of Washington special zone this to the street a group of ivory buildings group ahead.

It is China is stationed in American embassy here new house. Through construction of 3 years, this diplomatic mission that represents figure of Chinese brand-new international opened mysterious veil eventually yesterday. With the space insufficient old house photograph is compared, this covers an area of 10760 square metre build group of can to say " giant " , refresh the new record of the foreign diplomatic mission with American home the largest scale.

Yang Jiechi attends the Chinese Foreign Minister that visitting in the United States celebration. Nearly 30 years ago, he ever was in with here be apart highway of 3 miles case of health Nie surname witnesses the history 2300 numbers -- on March 1, 1979, as Sino-US and formal establish diplomatic relations, locate " lukewarm Sha hotel " the China of red brick Xiaolou is stationed in beautiful contact place to upgrade for embassy. At that time, the Yang Jiechi that attends the ceremony that change a card is medium only a square young interpreter. In more than 20 years of after this, the much in personal details of Yangjie Chi diplomacy is in the United States to finish, be stationed in beautiful ambassador at holding the post of China in December 2001.

"This year is American general election year, this year at the beginning of bottom, next year, we still will be greeted Sino-US establish diplomatic relations 30 years. " 28 days, meet in what be the same as Lai Si of American Secretary of State in, yangjie Chi enumerate is Sino-US this year " important matter " . He expresses, "Two countries relation lies bear before the important level after opening " .

Meanwhile, be in the Beijing that Pacific Ocean those carries, the United States is stationed in China embassy new house already also was entered begin to time.

Be made an appointment with scarcely and be the same as, building of two new embassy will adapt the diplomatic domain of capital of Sino-US two countries. "When the embassy that observes each other is built between two countries, you can understand the relation between a lot of two countries. " Jane Luofule tells the person that American famous diplomacy builds historiography morning paper reporter.

  "Area of the 2nd diplomatic mission " newly mark

From the VanNess-UDC of Washington subway red line the station comes out, pace row spacing of about 10 minutes leaves, fan Na this the boundary of street and international center, chinese embassy is new the ivory building of the house group greet. Be called on here tradition " area of the 2nd diplomatic mission " . And having " world diplomacy center " photograph of highway of a place of strategic importance compares the Ma Sazhu that say, the environment here is some less noisy, much a few minutes of Ning Mi.
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