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"" of city of peach garden aviation or have land endowment setting
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The near future of land of a Taiwan that male place of time of Cai of committee member of director of group of letter of country of Taiwan legend businessman, Taiwan has will borrow by " exposition of real estate of Shanghai international commerce " appear in Shanghai field, this Taiwan land comes to Shanghai aim to search the mainland to develop business to note endowment undertake joint development. If collaboration can be successful, will become two sides the real-estate project that first mainland capital develops into the stage.

Or into first land endowment the project that enter a stage

The reporter understands from the press conference that held yesterday, this project is located in desolate of Taiwan area horse " love a 12 construction " one of " city of peach garden aviation " by, 40 thousand square metre controls land gross area, plan building gives priority to with company headquarters building " headquarters of company of city of peach garden aviation " ,

Government office of peach garden county plans of 6150 hectare " area of garden of trade of classics of freedom of city of peach garden aviation " , plan 400 billion yuan 20 thousand to always invest new station money () of about 600 billion RMB, include free trade port area, airport photograph of division of development of area of have a rest of area of garden of exhibition of trade of special division, aviation industry division, classics, life function area, seaside, delicate agriculture, airport allows industrial division area of 8 big garden, predict to create the investment enrolling business of 10 thousand 200 billion new station money, annual produce reachs opportunity of 80 thousand obtain employment more than 600 billion yuan.

The travel of the Taiwan of mainland plute group is medium this year in April, city of peach garden aviation also is to inspect one of projects, wait for development land in great quantities to suffer the mainland to develop dealer attention quite. In addition, area of financial group Asia-Pacific is in charge of texture of style of wheat of global finance thumb and Magenshidanli to ever also visited government of peach garden county early or late, expression participates in the apiration of investment.

The Wei Ming that for this plot the representative recommends is praedial Cai Weimin of expert of real-estate of controller of sale wisdom library, two sides says, cai Chen male this project enters Shanghai is to search development business to undertake cooperative, do not have the cooperative mode with particular set at present, "All means can talk. "All means can talk..

Cai Weimin discloses, according to the plan, the relevant detailed rules that closes Yu Liu endowment to enter a stage will be announced in September, among them mainland capital enters Taiwan to develop with project collaboration form, its occupy a scale initial stage to may be unlocked to highest 60% .

Legend businessman " cast the ground to bring endowment "
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