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8 million sacrifice pursues and attack the office building of 50 million state-o
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According to report of Chinese economy times, company of foreign trade of city of cropland of Fujian Province Pu (state-owned company) value 50 million yuan office building by with 8 million yuan of sacrifice. "The case that the collude of inside and outside that this is a model, camera bellows is operated and brings about prediction of a person's luck in a given year of state-owned asset a huge sum " , worker of company of foreign trade of Pu cropland city is in inform against write on the letter.

The reporter went to Pu Tian to interview understanding to arrive recently, this building is located in the document road with Pu tanaka the most flourishing heart 23, one is storefront of edge street traffic. Estimation of the personage inside course of study, this building is worth at least 50 million yuan when current price.

On April 20, 2002, "Hong Kong businessman " Ceng Wen town and company of foreign trade of Pu cropland city sign property right agreement, obtain this office building full property right. And the cost that Ceng Wen town pays has more than yuan 800 only. Management board of state-owned capital fund of Pu cropland city does not agree with such doing at that time. But still be somebody affix one's seal signs discharged.

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