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Office building " full carry out is wet " emerge move development business " ret
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Property " full carry out " the like a rising wind and scudding clouds of the market already was in it seems that casual form, and its emerge those who go out is development business passivity however rear full carry out, alleviate macroscopical reach market situation of negative effect " protect oneself " state of mind.

Trend of full carry out got the clear proof of the market in city of a gleam of, the incident of property is whole since this year sale often appears, among them development business will hire the property whole sell one's own things that does not make work only so, also have development business " adjust " sale means, " retail turn wholesale " with capital of steam again of ground of the biggest efficiency.

Be in Shanghai, american triumphant thunder 1.99 billion yuan of RMBs to Indonesian 3 forest buy Jinan road group of apartment of 8 hotels type, Gao Funuo buys apartment of type of Mount Hua Xia Dou hotel 1.2 billion yuan to wait to accord with foreign capital to Magenshidanli the integral property of consistent style is bought.

Be in Beijing, will already clinched a deal this year or purpose is whole property that sell has nearly 10, already made public in the market like Pacific Ocean insurance buys big large building 2.2 billion yuan, guang Dayin buys golden Qi edifice 2.3 billion yuan all right, group of Pacific Ocean investment buys Pan Gu grand sight 1.5 billion yuan 64 apartment, in food group buys building of A1 of elegant treasure road 1.4 billion yuan, fine seed fund buys the 5th square that is located in 2 annulus to wait a moment.

The personage inside course of study expresses, the situation that rectifies reflection of carry out become a common practice to give estate market is grim.

"Ascendant period is quickened in house price, the behavior encircling the ground that develops business rose to take land cost, and below current condition, farther atrophy and sale speed put financing channel delay, all be in the capital catenary that brings about development business is nervous. In prospective market very not Anacreontic premise falls, taking the ground, land shedding blindly to pat a phenomenon to increase no longer on one hand is the accord with nature choice that development business makes, hold some property assets to place on the other hand deal with, will can in time complement the cash of the enterprise flows, maintain the likelihood of further progress. Look from this angle, property rectifies carry out to become development business ego to save atone for it seems that ' last straw ' . " 5 add up to Zou Yi of general manager of limited company of wisdom library adviser to say frankly.

Be worth what carry is, selling Fang Liang went out " last straw " hind, large and state-owned company and abroad fund were become it seems that " Immanuel " . Zou Yi is analysed, in recent years large state-owend enterprise gains profit ability increases apparently, its capital actual strength nots allow small gaze, at the same time the change as financial accounting policy, fixed assets will evaluate price enter an item in an account by the market, central the city zone the promotion of value of a few property makes these companies want hold this kind of asset, become participator of the most important full carry out from this; Abroad fund buys property to be a feature with whole all the time, the international market invests what return rate on the low side and RMB continue to appreciate to anticipate, make foreign capital thinks investment China property still is a kind of right choice, but " outside be restricted, make " after carrying out, the action of abroad fund gets apparently of certain level restrict, full carry out participates in degree general not as good as large state-owend enterprise is advantageous.
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